Success of Vintage Tube Amp Repair in Long Island

Which is better, New or getting Vintage Tube Amp Repair in Long Island?

Would you like to make music like Jimi Hendrix? A reconditioned guitar amp could be part of your ensemble in this quest.  Many people buying a reconditioned guitar amp will do it for the sentimental value rather than functionality. Getting one from a guitar amp repair Long Island shop can be dream come true for the avid music fan.


While a reconditioned guitar amp will perform almost as well as a new guitar,  the power, and control offered by a new guitar amp allow for more experimentation with sound.  There are more considerations that should go into making a choice between new and reconditioned.

Bragging rights

Who wouldn’t want a guitar amp that presided over the times of the great rock legends and the golden age of rock and roll?  A reconditioned guitar amp that is a true classic gives you major bragging rights.

However, If your friends do not care for old legends you are better off impressing them with the best in the market. This you can do very well with today’s monster amps that will easily thump out 1,000 Watts.

Sound needs

What kind of music do you want to create? Are you playing blues or metal? Different amps are designed for different sounds.  While you can alter the tone with accessories like pedals, it is not the same as getting a tone specific amp.  A new guitar amp has more controls for more playing around with sound.


A reconditioned guitar amp will most likely have been brought back to working condition with scavenged parts. A 1960s amp will give you some headache when it comes to looking for parts. You might end up buying several amps to scavenge for parts. This can get a bit expensive.

A new guitar will be readily covered by a warranty. You can use the amp trouble free while the warranty runs. After the warranty runs out, you are assured of getting parts from authorized dealers. A new guitar is certainly the better option for a hassle free music experience.


You may buy a reconditioned guitar amp that your guitar amp repair long island technician may not be familiar with. The earliest versions of tube amps could be tricky to newly minted technicians.

You will spend more on a reconditioned guitar amp, but it will give you the sentimental satisfaction of having something rare. A new amp will give you functionality and will be less stressful on your mind and money.